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2023’s Best Multiplayer Mobile Games

    Amidst the chaotic backdrop of the pandemic, online mobile games have played a significant role in fostering connections among people. It’s safe to say that quarantine has profoundly impacted everyone’s social interactions. The era of going out with friends and family has given way to the prevalence of online communication and video calls as the new norm.

    A plethora of mobile online multiplayer games are available for download, offering an avenue for enjoyment with your close ones. Unsure about which one to select? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we will assist you in making the right choice for a mobile online game to enjoy with your group, and we will highlight our top 10 picks that are sure to captivate you and your loved ones.

    Among Us!

    InnerSloth LLC

    A Mobile Game That Will Give You Trust Issues

    Among Us is a free strategic game that relies on logical thinking. It accommodates up to 10 players, who are divided into two teams: the crewmates and impostors. Crewmates aim to complete their tasks while avoiding elimination or identifying the impostors.

    Conversely, there can be a maximum of 3 impostors whose objective is to disrupt the crewmates’ tasks and eliminate them. The game’s intrigue lies in the fact that players remain uncertain of each other’s identities. The individuals you initially trust may ultimately betray you.

    This mysterious detective game offers enjoyment when played with friends and family, especially during video or voice calls. However, be cautious because it can challenge your trust in others.

    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


    A Strategic MOBA Game

    Mobile Legends presents a five-on-five multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) experience featuring a cast of characters known as heroes. Within the game, you take command of a hero, each endowed with unique skills and abilities, contingent on their designated hero archetype. These archetypes encompass mage, marksman, jungle, tank, and support roles.

    Furthermore, your gameplay unfolds on a tri-lane battleground, replete with both your team’s and your adversary’s towers. In tandem with this, computer-controlled minions fight alongside your team. Effective coordination and role assignment within your team, specifying which lanes to defend and attack, become pivotal.

    The primary objective in Mobile Legends revolves around vanquishing your opponent’s principal structure while safeguarding your own. This game is a prime choice for players who relish strategy-driven gameplay over the rapid pace of first-person shooters.

    Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena

    TiMi Studios

    A Fast-Paced First Person Shooting Game

    The Call of Duty franchise enjoys widespread recognition on both consoles and PCs, and it has recently made its debut on mobile platforms. This game demands adept hand-eye coordination, as it necessitates simultaneous running, jumping, and shooting.

    You’ll find five distinct game modes at your disposal, each featuring diverse objectives in casual matches, while they are randomly selected for ranked play. Typically, these games are fast-paced affairs, clocking in at around 10 minutes, catering perfectly to casual gamers who prefer shorter gaming sessions.

    Alternatively, if you crave a more extended gaming experience, you and your team can delve into the Battle Royale mode. Here, you must scavenge for weapons, eliminate adversaries, and strive to be the last team standing. Furthermore, if you wish to engage with more than four friends, you can establish a game lobby and engage in thrilling five-versus-five showdowns.

    PUBG Mobile – NEW ERA

    Tencent Games

    A Long Duration Shooting Game

    PUBG, a renowned PC battle royale game, has made its way to mobile platforms. You have the option to participate as a duo with a maximum of 2 members or as a squad with up to 4 members. The game entails you and your teammates parachuting onto a designated point within a vast map, alongside as many as 99 other players.

    Your objective is to scavenge for weapons, ammunition, armor, backpacks, and other essential supplies while eliminating your adversaries until your team stands as the sole survivors. The island you initially land on is surrounded by a “storm” that progressively shrinks in size.

    Getting caught in the storm results in your health deteriorating, so it’s crucial to ensure that you and your teammates remain within the safe zone. This mobile adaptation of the game also includes a built-in voice chat feature, facilitating communication among your team members. PUBG is recommended for players who are more deeply engaged and can dedicate a substantial amount of time to gaming.

    Mario Kart Tour

    Nintendo Co., Ltd.

    A Nintendo Kart Racing Classic

    The Nintendo brand is renowned, and Mario Kart is no different, being a widely recognized part of the franchise. This racing game showcases iconic Mario characters as playable racers and offers a variety of tracks to race on. These tracks consist of three laps filled with diverse obstacles and random race items that can be collected to hinder your opponents.

    Your ultimate goal is to secure the first-place position in the race. In Mario Kart Tour, there’s a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with up to 7 players simultaneously. The user-friendly controls and vibrant, colorful graphics make it a perfect choice for enjoying the game with younger family members.

    Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

    Steel Crate Games, Inc.

    A Panic-Infused Game to Test Your Teamwork and Listening Skills

    Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes presents a unique challenge in the realm of bomb-defusal games. In this intriguing gameplay, one individual takes on the role of the bomb defuser, facing the daunting task of disarming a complex explosive device without the aid of visual guidance. Meanwhile, the remaining players assume the role of ‘manual readers,’ equipped with the vital instructions needed for defusal but lacking access to visual cues regarding the bomb’s configuration.

    The bomb itself comprises various modules or sections, each necessitating a specific solution for overall defusal. The defuser’s responsibility is to verbally relay detailed descriptions of each module to the manual readers, who then meticulously search for the corresponding instructions, whether it involves pressing buttons or cutting wires. Furthermore, the manual readers can pose targeted questions as each module presents unique circumstances.

    Ultimately, success in this game hinges upon the participants’ acute listening abilities, ability to maintain composure under pressure, and the seamless coordination of their collective efforts. The ever-ticking timer adds an extra layer of tension, reinforcing the importance of maintaining a calm and efficient communication flow within the team. It’s worth noting that the game is best enjoyed with a small group of friends, as an excess of five players can lead to chaotic and challenging gameplay.

    Dead by Daylight Mobile

    Netease Games Global

    A Mobile Game for Thriller Enthusiasts

    If you and your loved ones have a penchant for the macabre and adrenaline-pumping experiences, this multiplayer game is tailor-made for your tastes. It features a one-versus-four setup, where one player assumes the role of the antagonist, while the others become survivors. As a survivor, your primary objective revolves around evading capture by the malevolent antagonist and successfully making your escape.

    Survival in this game can be achieved through two distinct methods: either by activating generators to unlock the main exit gate or by enduring until a hidden hatch opens up. Victory in this game hinges on seamless teamwork and collaboration. Solitary generator repair efforts may be time-consuming, but with coordinated teamwork, the repairs can be completed swiftly.

    Furthermore, you’ll need to tend to each other’s injuries and come to each other’s rescue when faced with the relentless antagonist. Conversely, the antagonist’s mission is to capture the majority of survivors before they can make their escape. Armed with certain advantages, such as enhanced speed, the ability to set traps, disrupt generators, and track down survivors, the antagonist is pitted against a group of four survivors.


    Mattel163 Limited

    A Mobile Card Game for the Whole Family!

    Don’t underestimate the apparent simplicity of this card game; it demands strategic thinking and can even lead to disputes among players. For those unfamiliar with UNO, it’s a card game designed for four players.

    Each player begins with a hand of seven cards and must either match the color or number of the card on the discard pile. Remember to shout “UNO” when you have just one card left to avoid penalties, as failing to do so will require you to draw two cards. The ultimate objective is to be the first to empty your hand of cards.

    The deck consists of four colors: red, blue, yellow, and green, each featuring cards numbered from 0 to 9, along with action cards. These action cards include skip, draw two, reverse, wild card, and wild draw four. Its straightforward gameplay makes it suitable for play with family members of all ages, from young relatives to grandparents.


    Marmalade Game Studio

    A Board Game Perfect as a Family Pastime

    Monopoly, a timeless board game ideal for family bonding, has made its way to mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy it with your loved ones at any time and place. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing Monopoly, it’s a real estate management game where participants roll a standard six-sided die and advance their game pieces accordingly.

    The board features various types of spaces, including properties available for purchase, “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards that introduce random events impacting your income, spaces labeled “Jail” and “Go to Jail,” and the “Go” space where players receive $200 each time they pass it.

    The primary objective of the game is to bankrupt your opponents by acquiring properties, developing them into houses and hotels, and collecting rent from fellow players.

    Scrabble® GO – New Word Game


    A Board Game to Enhance Your Vocabulary

    Scrabble GO offers a perfect respite from the fast-paced world of mobile gaming while allowing you to enhance your vocabulary. In this word game, designed for two to four players, participants construct words on a 15×15 grid game board using lettered tiles.

    At the outset, each player is equipped with seven tiles, each featuring specific letters and corresponding scores. Word formation is permitted in either horizontal or vertical directions. Points are calculated by summing the numerical values of the tiles and factoring in any bonus points from premium squares on the game board. Following each turn, players must ensure their rack always contains seven tiles.

    The game concludes when all the tiles have been drawn and all feasible moves have been made. Victory in Scrabble GO is achieved by amassing the highest score by the game’s conclusion.