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Arshie Larga: Tiktok’s Responsible Creator of the Year

    Arshie Larga, a renowned content creator on Tiktok, was honored as the Creator of the Year at the Tiktok Awards.
    Emotional and joyful, Arshie graciously accepted her accolade at the Tiktok Awards and expressed her gratitude to all her supporters and viewers of her videos. Arshie is recognized not only as a pharmacist but also for her assistance to customers, especially those in need or facing financial difficulties in purchasing medication.
    She pledged, ‘I commit to continually producing educational, entertaining, and inspiring content for all of you. To my fellow creators, let’s cherish the community we’ve built. Let’s not be swayed by money. We can still earn money, but regaining people’s trust in us can be challenging once it’s lost. LET’S ACT RESPONSIBLY AS CREATORS AND UTILIZE OUR INFLUENCE WISELY!🏆